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Tap into our network of top design talent. We have outstanding visual designers, brand designers, UX designers, UI designers — everything design.

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Trusted by hundreds of companies

Trusted by
hundreds of companies.

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Hiring a top designer through Top Marketer.


Talk to a Domain Expert

One of our experts works with you to understand the skills needed, your goals, team dynamics, and design requirements.


We Hand-Pick Design Talent

In 24-48 hours, we'll match you with the perfect designer for your project.


The Right Fit, Guaranteed.

Work with your new team member for a day on a trial basis and only pay if satisfied.

Find the top designers in your area.

We’ve curated the top 1% of designers with skills in visual design, UX design, UI design, ad design, product design and more.

Visual Designers

Get visual design talent for help with achieving pixel perfection.

UX Designers

Our top UX design freelance talent tackles research, discovery and prototypes.

UI Designers

Flat design vs. skeuomorphic design, we've got freelancers for both.

Product Designers

Our product design talent can help you create seamless and delightful user exeriences.

Ad Designers

Get help with creating eye-catching ads for both digital and print.

Brand Designers

Hire a brand designer to help craft your company's brand identity.

Need a particular skillset?

From senior design systems strategists to display ads designers, Top Marketer has many different types of design consultants across a wide array of industries, B2B and B2C specialties, and experience levels.

Web Design

UX Design


Animation Design

User Interface Design





Vector Illustration

React Component Design

Video Production

Logo Design

Product Design

Retail Design

Pitch Deck Design

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The Process

Nope. There are no upfront recruiting fees on consulting contracts. We take care of matching you with a top marketer and schedule a free 30 minute introductory call.

If you fall in love with your marketer and want to make them an in-house employee, we do charge a standard recruitment fee (but credit you for the time they have already worked for you).

No problem. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there, and we want you to find the perfect match. We’ll connect you with a different marketer free of charge.

We get thousands of applicants a month and accept very few. Our screening process includes: a LinkedIn or resume review, communication skills assessment, screening call, subject matter expert assessment, work sample review, practical exercise, and reference checks.

The Marketers

97% of our marketing consultants are located in the U.S. and Canada. There’s also one really good and crotchety CRO consultant in the UK.

Most of our marketing consultants work from home or co-working space, but we have helped some clients hire freelance marketing consultants that don’t mind coming into their office periodically and working on-site.


Our marketing consultants set their own consulting rates based on their years of experience, specialty, geographic and location.

Rates generally fall into between $80-$150+/hour for mid-to-senior level consultants, and 150-250/hour for more senior (e.g. CMO, VP Marketing) consultants. We also offer 10-20% discounts for 20, 30, and 40-hour commitments.

Note: To make sure we give our freelance consultants good ongoing opportunities, we do ask for a soft minimum of $1500 per month in all our engagements.

We invoice weekly and clients can review charges before they get processed. We currently accept all major credit cards and ACH.