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Freelancing is amazing. It's also stressful, financially uncertain, feast-or-famine, and occasionally forces you to work with a$%oles. We founded TopMarketer to change all that. Join a guild of extraordinary marketers.

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John Coyle

Paid Acquisition Manager

Started with TopMarketer: 2017

Clients: Siren, Beglammed, Postmates, Runway, Zensoft

John Coyle

Paid Acquisition Manager

Started with TopMarketer: 2017

Siren, Beglammed, Postmates, Runway, Zensoft

"I've been working for 10-20 hours per week for TopMarketer since 2017. They're really good at matching me with just the right clients in terms of industry, compensation, and culture.

If you're good at what you do, and want to get amazing clients, I would highly, highly recommend them."

A Better Way to Work

Work Remotely

90% of our consulting and full-time engagements are based on remote teams. So go head, work from wherever you want.

Get paid what you're worth

Earn at or near the top of your comp range while accessing a growing pool of local or national clients.

Amazing Brands

We get many hundreds of new and returning clients inquiries so we will usually be able to find you the next great gig.

Get Paid On Time

Stop depending on AP to process your invoices on time. We pre-bill clients for the first week and place the funds in an escrow account. We then bill clients weekly. So you get paid on time, one way or the other.

Don't work with a$%oles

Top Marketer screens client opportunities as much as we do our Guild members. All engagement start with a mutual agreement, and you can pull the rip cord any time, no questions asked.

Work When You Want

You can work 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours/week, based on your other commitments.

Amazing Clients

+ Hundreds more

The Application Process

Once you've submitted your application, there is a 5-step approval process
we follow prior to accepting you into our marketer guild.

LinkedIn or Resume Review

Do you have the skills we’re looking for? What brands have you worked on? Is there a history of consistent accomplishment? Do you have recommendations from people whose work we respect?

Video Interviews and Work Samples

Every applicant has 2-3 interviews with out team of industry experts to make sure they’re qualified and are a good mutual fit. We’re looking for folks who are easy to work with, adaptable, independent, detail oriented, and take pride in their work. Those experts will also review work samples, especially design and code. If you are a marketer, this typically involves reviewing case studies.

Practical Exercise

These can range from a heuristic critique of a site, to analyzing a small data set and presenting your conclusions. But each and every prospective consultant for the Guild must pass at least 1, in some cases several of these (depending on their role).

Reference Checks

We always ask for and speak with 3-5 professional references. Managers and clients are really what we’re looking for here, not co-workers (though we will make an occasional exception).

Client-Consultant Kickoff

Your first meeting is an exciting time to get to know your new collaborator(s). However, sometimes, one party or the other may not feel its a good mutual fit. If that happens, both Client and Consultant can pull the rip cord by simply hitting the “Not the Right Fit” button, no questions asked.


The Process

Nope. There are no upfront recruiting fees on consulting contracts. We take care of matching you with great clients and get paid when or if you get the gig.

If you and the company mutually fall in love and want to make it a permanent thing, we do charge a standard recruitment fee of the company (but credit them for the time they have already worked with you).

No problem. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there, and we want you to find the perfect match. We’ll just connect you with a different opportunity.

We get many hundreds of applicants a month and accept very few. Our screening process includes: a LinkedIn or resume review, communication skills assessment, screening call, subject matter expert assessment, work sample review, practical exercise, and reference checks.

The majority of marketers are only qualified to consult for a single channel or role, and we’re particularly careful not to place marketers for roles they are not qualified for.

The Opportunities

97% of our companies and marketing consultants are located in the U.S. and Canada.

Most of our marketing consultants work from home or a co-working space, but we have helped some clients hire freelance marketing consultants that don’t mind coming into their office periodically and working on-site.


You can set your own consulting rates based on years of experience, specialty, and geographic location. Your talent manager and domain expert can provide some recommended ranges once you are accepted into our marketer guild.

We pay monthly or twice monthly via electronic deposit.

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