How we find the best freelance consultants

Here's how we built a network of the strongest marketing and design consultants - and what it takes to join.

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It's not easy to get accepted into our guild. Membership is generally by invitation-only, via recommendations from our team's network, or from existing Guild members. All applicants then go through a rigorous, 6-step vetting process.

Our Screening Process

LinkedIn or Resume Review

Do you have the skills we’re looking for? What brands have you worked on? Is there a history of consistent accomplishment? Do you have recommendations from people whose work we respect?

Work Sample Review

Experts at what you do review work samples, especially design and code. If you are a marketer, this typically involves reviewing case studies.

2-3 Phone/Video Interviews

Every applicant has 2-3 interviews with out team of industry experts to make sure they’re qualified and are a good mutual fit. We’re looking for folks who are easy to work with, adaptable, independent, detail oriented, and take pride in their work.

Practical Exercise

These can range from a heuristic critique of a site, to analyzing a small data set and presenting your conclusions. But each and every prospective consultant for the Guild must pass at least 1, in some cases several of these (depending on their role).

Reference Checks

We always ask for and speak with 3-5 professional references. Managers and clients are really what we’re looking for here, not co-workers (though we will make an occasional exception).

Client-Consultant Kickoff

Your first meeting is an exciting time to get to know your new collaborator(s). However, sometimes, one party or the other may not feel its a good mutual fit. If that happens, both Client and Consultant can pull the rip cord by simply hitting the “Not the Right Fit” button, no questions asked.